Friday, May 11, 2012

Mail from Tanzania

I didn't received any letters last week from my Compassion kiddos, so I didn't post anything Monday. But a dear friend of mine did!!

My friend who financially sponsor's Mwandai, (click the link to read a bit more about her) sponsors two other girls she corresponds with. Due to her age, she didn't feel she could take on the responsibility of writing another child faithfully. I share my letters with her, and she in turn share the letters she get from her girls.

When I met her, she already sponsored one girl, and then she choose 12 year old Neema from Tanzania. Neema was one of the first sponsorships I helped orchestrate after I became an advocate.

Neema celebrated a birthday a few months back, and she sent a lovely photo, I just had to share.

She was able to buy a school bag, school books, her cute shoes, and the photo to send. I can't believe how tall she is, especially for 12 years old. She lives with her grandmother, we're unsure of where her parents are. She always writes such nice letters, so full of love! My friend was so proud to share this photo off too! Like a proud grandma :)

And if you want to hear even more about Tanzania, you should check out the bloggers who are there now!
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