Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things were starting to look a little hopeless. You see, my sister bought a new BBQ and my nephew was in eager anticipation of having a BBQed dinner tonight. The catch, the BBQ was in the box.

Don't get me wrong, I have put together many things that come in boxes with multiple pieces, but this was I think, the hardest yet.

The box read easy assemble. Easy, and quick go together. Piece of cake, right? Wrong!

Three hours later, my sister and I finally had it together. But not without help from the boys, and a potty accident later.

We were doing pretty well after we got the right pieces in their respected spots, and most of the screws in. Until we realized the legs of the BBQ were reversed which required us to basically undo everything we had just done!

The boys were hungry and there were not enough distractions to keep them occupied in the backyard, so Jonathan decided we needed help pulling most of the screws out of their labeled packages. Which in turned meant we had to screw and unscrew a few things to find the correct screws.

Three hours latand we're getting so close to eating, except my nephews decided that mommy BBQing with flames calls for yellowing "FIRE" I'm slightly surprised someone didn't call the fire department. Have I ever mentioned the boys want to be firefighters when they grow up?

Dinner tuely was delicious though! And the boys were exstatic when we finished the assembly process. And now I can laugh about it, even if I was super frustrated.

Add assembling a BBQ to the list of things woman can do, along with moving a large couch out a narrow doorway and down steps :)

Hez's two cents, buy a preassembled BBQ it will save you a LOT of time.

And despite the hopelessness of the situation, we survived, and came out laughing (not immediately though). I hope you get a good laugh too. Happy Thursday, tomorrow is Friday!!
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