Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Precious Filipino Sister

Well, it finally happened. I finally heard back from my Filipino sister Sheena!

If you haven't read about her previously, you can here. I had befriended her on facebook several months back and had sent her a message, with no reply.

Occasionally I'd see she'd added a new photo or two, with an occasional updated status, primarily in Tagalog, primarily in slang. So my communication has basically been nothing, beyond a few new photos.

I had noticed a man in her photo, unsure if he was only a boyfriend, or if they were married. With no reply all I could do was what I had been doing all along; pray.

The other night, after seeing recent activity a with in a few consecutive days, I decided to send a new private message, simple and sweet. Thinking maybe the length of the message was intimidating. Or possibly she wasn't even sure now how to reply to me.

Well the next morning I had a few short sweet replies, that indeed sounded like my Filipino sis! I was so excited to have some contact. I had initiated asking if they were married yet, with a congratulations, thinking maybe she wasn't sure how I would respond know more personal things that were really unspoken before.

She informed they were not married yet, and from what I could decipher from the already mentioned mostly Tagalog, mostly slang status updates, it seems they've been together a year. He seems to be quite a bit older than her, so I do have a few concerns. Please pray with me for her to continue to seek God and his will for her life, where ever that leads her.

She did ask also for continued prayers, it sounds like she's trying to continue with college.

**Side note about continued connections with sponsored children outside of sponsorship graduation.

I will say I'm glad for this connection, but it definitely comes with pros and cons, as laid out by others. I loving knowing where she is, but just as a parent has to let go of their child and watch them make their own choices, however those turn out, it is a bit difficult knowing now there isn't a lot of help I can do for her, beyond encouraging her and praying for her.

The saying "Ignorance is bliss" comes to mind. We know and love our Compassion kids, for who they are, through their struggles and strengths shared in letters. I will say in some cases that may be enough. I know I will not continue correspondence with all my kids after they graduate, but it's definitely something to pray and consider on an individual basis, as your child reaches graduation.

Do you have any connections with your formally sponsored kids? If so, what are your thoughts?
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