Saturday, May 12, 2012

Through the Silence

My phone was on silent, but I woke up to the sounds and feel of it vibration on the edge of my bed. At first I laid there, one surprised it actually woke me, and then I had to decide if I actually wanted to look at it or just fall back asleep. I laid there only a brief moment, and decided to take a look.

The first message read are you awake? And I thought, well I wasn't. The second message informed me Garrett Coble died in a plane crash today. My thoughts seemed to stop, as I wondered is this true? Not that she would lie to me, but death is honestly something that has hit close home enough for me to deal with in my lifetime. I've had  few people, but it's almost like I push it aside to deal with another time.

Garett was one of my team leaders on my mission trip to Peru. Though I haven't really kept contact with him, we did shade some pretty amazing memories while there. I would describe him as a funny,fun loving guy, with a huge heart for a God.

Last night I let myself process enough to pray for his family and try to fall back asleep.

This morning I wondered how it happened. My thought was he likely could be heading out with Teenmania on another trip. But then realized it was too early in the summer season. So I asked for more details to find out he and a few others were heading out for the final Acquire the Fire of the season. I'd you are unfamiliar with ATF, it's a huge Christian youth rally held through the United States. ATF helped give me a great foundation a Christian teenager. It also introduced me to missions, and my love for those abroad, those in hopelessness with knowing Jesus.

I then decided to google the search so i could read the details myself. After my own eyes laying hold of the word death my brain still tries to grasp it.

I know he is in a much better place, and what better way to leave this world, than to be doing what you are created to do. It makes me think how short our time here is.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. I'm sure Garett didn't think today he would be with Jesus. How much time am I wasting!

Do I want to live an ordinary life, or an extraordinary life? If I died tonight, what legacy would I leave.

I don't want it to be about me, but I want to be about others. How much I loved others. How much I loved God. How my passion for Christ flows into everything I do. I want it not to be about me, but others. Those I didn't hesitate to share Christ with. That I loved those "hard to love" people with genuine love.

Lord, as we celebrate our loss of Garrett and your gain of Garrett, help his death continue to draw others close to you. Let it be a reminder of how short our time here on earth is. Let us be diligent I'm our efforts to further the Kingdom!
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