Sunday, November 13, 2011

Group Sponsorship Anyone?

Well, as much prayer and consideration...and encouragement from others, I have decided to take on Shoa's sponsorship, as a group sponsorship, with the help of my fellow readers. I want to thank those who have encouraged me, and also thank Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies, for helping me with more information, and my questions.

I have set up through ChipIn a donate button, that is hooked to my PayPal account, for those interested in joining in this group sponsorship. Here's the widget below, and tomorrow I will add it to the side bar.


I don't usually post on weekends, as I spend that time with my sister and nephews, but I know there were some people wanting to know, what I had decided. I will post more about Shoa and the group sponsorship tomorrow.
Many thanks,
Hopeful Hez

**Edit: Make sure any gift sent using the ChipIn widget via PayPal are marked as gifts so PayPal doesn't take fees out :) 
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