Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally Mail!

Was so excited this last week, to find, not only one letter, but two in my mailbox from my Compassion kiddos.

The first letter I opened was from my youngest, 5 year old Arsang in Thailand.

He is now using the form letters, with a new topic in each letter. In this letter he told me all about his friends. His best friend is a boy named Wittawat, who lives next door and sometimes attends the project with Arsang. His favorite activity is playing games because he gets to go to his friends house to play with him.

He drew me a very nice sunset on the mountains. He asks if  I'm excited about Christmas and he is excited because he will get presents. I can imagine a big smile and excitement on his face!

My second letter was from my oldest, 20 year old Denise from Rwanda.

I love how she starts her letter, 'I your child...' She tells me her family send their greetings, and goes on to talk about her evangelism training she has been doing. She says 'I am happy to see the Spirit of God enabling me to do it.' I know this girls will go far as she keeps her focus on Jesus!

Her prayer is for her to be able to attend college. She tells me she too is praying for this. As the oldest of a single mother, I pray God makes a way for her dreams to come true!

Will you join me in praying for Denise? What prayer requests have you received recently from your kids?
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