Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Praying for Their Sponsors

My sister and I still have the four child packets. Three of them expire Friday.

We have a mutual friend that sponsored a girl from Burkina Faso for a short time before leaving the project. This was a decision she felt pretty strongly about, but her husband, not as much. I think for that reason she didn't continue the sponsorship of another child. She's a Christian, and she's grown a lot over this last year, and her and her husband have gone through a few struggles, along with her two boys. Her youngest boy was so excited about writing with her child before. My sister handed her the packet of Darwin today and asked her to pray.

Darwin and her son are about the same age. He's struggling a bit now with not wanting to go to school. I also think this would be a great source of encouragment and hope for our friend. But I also want God's hand in this, as I don't want her husband shooting them down either. Please pray with my for Darwin and Amanda. Darwin is from the Philippines.

And if you know of anyone looking to open up their heart to sponsorship, these three darlings are looking for their sponsors too:

Irah is 14 and from the Philippines. She lives with both of her parents.

Fabiola is 7 years old from Burkina Faso. I shared some previously about her project here, as my sister sponsors in her same project. she lives with her grandmother.

And this is 8 year old Kenneth from Ghana. He has a birthday coming up on April 14th and has been waiting over 9 months to find his sponsor. He lives with only his grandmother.

Will you pray with my for these children, and that God would match them with their sponsor soon? If you want to know more about these children, or know someone interested in sponsoring one of them, feel free to comment here or email me at: kute_queen@hotmail.com

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