Group Sponsorship

Well, after posting the news that one of my correspondent kids through Compassion International, had lost her financial sponsor, it was suggested that I possibly open up my blog to a group sponsorship, similar to what Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies did with KD.

See, this young lady, Shoa, from Ethiopia, has not had an easy journey in life. Since her involvement in Compassion, she had lost her mom (prior to her correspondence with me) and then about a year and half ago, lost her father also. You can read more of her story posted here. And so when I heard that I would have the opportunity to pick up her sponsorship, but was unable to financially, I was heartbroken. I knew there was more that I could do for this young lady.

But then I have had a few people step in, that have said they were interested in helping support Shoa, and help keep the bond both Shoa and I already have. I'm super grateful, to those who have stepped out, and I know they are making a world of difference in a 14 year old's life in Ethiopia. Probably more than anyone will ever realize.

And while I know how much joy I get from writing letters and cards, I thought it would be nice for those to have some sort of opportunity to possible interact with her. While I would like to do the main letter writing, I would like to open up the opportunity closer to her birthday of others sending birthday cards of encouragement to her. Her birthday is in April, but I thought we could have almost a virtual birthday party, and I could tell her I have many friend who wanted to wish her a happy birthday. (let me know what you think-I'll post more closer to the spring)

So if you feel so inclined to join us on this journey with Shoa, you can click on the chip in button below. Or if you rather mail a check, that works too. Just email me at: for my address.

**Edit: Make sure any gift sent using the ChipIn widget via PayPal are marked as gifts (located under the personal tab, not the purchase tab) so PayPal doesn't take fees out :)

 **To date: June 18, 2012-$569 has been raised towards Shoa's sponsorship!! The chip in widget only counts donations made via the widget through paypal, and not any of the checks received.
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