Friday, February 3, 2012

Do You Have Room?

As an advocate with Compassion International, on of my favorite things is helping connect children with a sponsor. Both my sister and I are advocate, and have a few child packets I'd like to share with you. Maybe you have a place for one of these darling children.

This is 10 year old Darwin. He's from the Philippines (PH842), the same project as my nephew Jonathan's, John attends. (you can read about the boys here) Darwin lives with both his parents, and has three siblings. His profile also states he is below average in school.

 This beautiful young lady is named Fabiola. She is from Burkina Faso and attends the same project as another young man my sister sponsors (BR125). 

I know there are many Muslims in the area, because Razac has talked about not being able to have any pets, as their Muslim neighbors would not be happy. He also talked about not celebrating his birthday with a big party because it is frowned upon by the Muslims. He is a very sweet young man, and I do believe his family is Christian. I know his dad often works away from home, leaving him helping his mother often with his siblings.

I know Fabiola lives with her grandmother, and it could be that her parents must work in another town. My sister has her packet with her at work, so I do not have any other details at the moment. Let me know if you want more information and I'll get it!

This is Kenneth. He lives west of Accra, Ghana and attends GH926. Kenneth has a birthday coming up on April 14th, and he will be turning 9 years old. Kenneth has been waiting over 9 months for his sponsor, and a sponsor for his birthday would be the best present ever!

Kenneth lives with his grandmother, and there are 2 other children in the home. He is average in school, and enjoys soccer!

Irah from the Philippines is also still looking for a sponsor. Click her name to see more of her information.

Can you commit to $38 a month, prayer and most importantly writing regularly to encourage one of these special children? If so, please comment here and/or you can also email me at:

I will also send you a correspondent kit, to help you in writing your child.
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