Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking for a Sponsor for Irah

I have another young lady I'd like to introduce to you. One of my favorite parts of being an advocate with Compassion International is helping matching children with their sponsors. I know how much sponsorship has changed me, and the lives of the children I sponsor. Real through any of my letters from my Mail Call and you'll see.

Meet Irah Selidio from the Philippines

Irah will turn 15 years old, on August 22nd. She lives with both her parents and two other siblings. She lives north of Iloilo City, which is the city both Sheena and John live in.

I love how her shirt shares all her details about her Compassion center. If you look close you will see the top part of the heart has her project number PH 843, then the center name, Kings Kids Student Center and the name of her town is below that Pavia.

So if you know of anyone looking to sponsor a young lady, and help transform her life, let me know. You can leave me a comment here or email me at: kute_queen@hotmail.com

I have until February 24th to find Irah a sponsor. Will you pray with me for her sponsor?
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