Monday, December 5, 2011

Correspondent Kit Giveaway-My Blog :)

I've won some pretty neat things from giveaways on other blogs, and I've really been wanting to give back, but wasn't sure what kind of giveaway I was going to do. I have given away one, soon to be two, correspondent kits, when I've had people sponsor kids whose packets I had, as an advocate through Compassion International. And just the other day, Kayla asked in a comment about getting a hold of a correspondent kit. I know Jill over at Compassion Family Blog does graciously offers correspondent kits to those who donate to any of Compassion's programs and she also generally does a monthly giveaway. So definitely check out her blog! She has tons of great resources.

Kayla asked about buying one, but I really don't feel it's something I could sell, I rather make it more fun and do a giveaway here on my blog. Because I want the letter writing process between you and your sponsored child to be fun also.

I will be giving away 2 correspondence kits to include:

*12 sheets of decorative writing paper
*and some of my other goodies, depending on age and gender

paper samples

color your own Noah's ark set

sticker samples

decorative bags

sample postcards

Your kit will include some of the examples above, depending on age and gender, and may include some other things too, not sampled :)

So here's how you get your chances to win:

*Simple comment and tell me you'd like to win (1 entry)
*Start following my blog, or if you already to, comment and let me know (1 entry)
*Get a friend to start following my blog-let me know their name (worth 1 entry for you and 1 for your friend)
*Share about my giveaway- your blog, facebook, twitter, OC, ect- then comment to tell me where (each avenue is worth 1 entry)
*Write your kids; recently (1 entry)
*Leave a comment on another of my blog entries-comment here to let me know (1 entry)

I will close the entries next Monday December 12 and post the winners by the end of the day Monday :)

And if you choose to sponsor Junior from the Dominican Republic, Jerika from the Philippines or Satheesh from India I will automatically send you a correspondence kid with your new child's packet :)
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