Monday, January 7, 2013


It's Monday, and I haven't posted in quite some time. Partly waiting on mail to share, and other being extremely busy with the holidays. Plus my computer has been acting up, making it a struggle to post. I've done occasional posts from my phone, but it is so time consuming I hardly find it worth it.

Well I still didn't get any mail, but my youngest nephew, Nate, finally received his letter from his 4 year old friend Alex in Bolivia.

Little Alex, with the help of his tutor did not have a very much to say. It was a fill in the blank letter. I liked how he said his hero was Jesus!
He also says he loves him very much. He colored a bit on the letter too.
In other news, I was blessed with a new correspondence child. There was a great need for correspondents around the holidays, and they were allowing the opportunity, for those with more than 3 correspondent kids to write to another child.
I was blessed with 13 year old Miki from Indonesia.
Indonesia is a new country for me. And I'm excited about another boy! My sister was blessed with a beautiful teenage girl from India. I don't have her picture, but I will hopefully be able to show her off later.
Hopefully next week brings a letter in my mailbox!
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