Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sheena Update

I logged on the computer tonight, to write some letters to my Compassion kids. I thought I would check one more time and see if maybe I could find Sheena on Facebook. I searched quite a bit yesterday, but no luck.

As I logged on, I noticed I had a friend request...I clicked and discovered it was Sheena. I screamed with excitement. Then ran to tell me sister.

I do understand that there can be possible risks to social network communication, I don't do a ton of things on Facebook. I also did a quick skim through over information, and photos, to make sure I had nothing that could put me at risk (like address/phone number, that sort of thing).

It was nice to go through her photos to see her smiling face, along with friends and family. I did send her an email, sort of brief, telling her of how I did hear her good news, and how proud I am. And I also explained the situation from last year when I did get her friend request and why I didn't respond.

I am a little curious how this relationship with change now. But for now, I'm excited to see her smiling face!

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