Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Mail

This week I heard from three out of my four boys. Those three boys do seem to write often, in which I'm grateful. Two of them are absolutely amazing artist, while the youngest I do believe will be an up and coming artist as he ages.

First letter was from 12 year old Erick in Bolivia.

He tells me everything is going well at school in his classes and he will be done on November 30th. His cat Perla will be having two or three kittens and he is looking foward to it. He also mentions his dog Dumbo is sick because he cries when he walks; he has a bad foot he says. This kid loves his pets, and has told me about them in many letters! He hopes his dog will be better soon.

He also mentions celebrating students day in September  with delicoius food and dancing.

He draws such great people and uses so much color!

Then I received a letter from my almost 17 year old Jose David in Ecuador.

David tells me he is happy because he was promoted to his last year of high school. This sentence brought both joy, and sadness. I'm very happy he is doing so well, but sad as it confirms that his will probably be his final year at Compassion. His birthday is in December, and he is scheduled for completion next year. I am truly excited to see him finish and graduate, but I will dearly miss our correspondence as we've been together for quite sometime.

He tells me he wants to continue to study at university and "be a great engineer for the honor and glory of God". Amen to that! He's also very happy as his praise group decided to record, and promoted their first CD in October. He has told me before the name of his group, I will have to see if I can find the CD online. He wants prayers to conintue to learn the piano. He asks if I like to play the piano; he'll be excited when he gets me letter talking about me learning guitar!

He often times writes scripture with his drawings.

Lastly I heard from my youngest, 5 year old Arsang in Thailand.

This was a form letter, one of the new ones that were part of the new letter guidelines. It's about his project!

On the back the project worker wrote a message for him (not the normal tutor who helps him), she mentions he's happy to participate in the project activities, and asks me to pray for him as "he is still a little child and has to learn more." I like how he said dessert is what he typically eats at his project!

I'd love to hear about your little artists!
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