Monday, November 5, 2012

Mail Call Monday

Last week I received two letters from my Compassion kids. The first one was from 9 year old Duangdao in Thailand. I'm blessed to hear from her on a pretty regular basis.

Her letters are generally quite newsy. She thanked me for the letter and photo. She tells me her school performance is improving and she enjoys math. She goes on to explain that her friends help her when she doesn't understand her school lesson.

She says that her family has finished growing rice, and they also grew chili. She asks if I like cooking food, and tells me she helps her mother cook everyday.

My next letter was actually waiting for me when I got home today, but I wanted to go ahead and share it. It was from 15 year old Mwanaidi in Tanzania.

I believe it was a scheduled letter, as the youth group also received a letter from their Tanzania child today too. I thought it was neat that the translation was done on a typewriter. I can tell because it's typed, but not in perfect lines. Something we would think of as archaic, is used by third world country to give a nice appearance. The letter does look lovely by the way; I had just not received a letter translated by typewriter before.

She tells me she is doing well in her studies and will be doing a mock examine soon. I'm thinking this is a practice exam for a big test. The weather there is hot, and they are on school holiday. She tells me she likes to play different games like races, jump rope and football. She then asks my favorite sport.

I love how many details she gives. For so long I would receive letter after letter of the same thing. Hi, please pray for school. God bless. Very simple letters, void of details. I think she must have had a hard time opening up, possibly not knowing how long I'd stick around, or if I even cared or would write back.

None the less, I love how this lady has started to transform. And thank my elderly friend who sponsors her for giving me the opportunity to write, and both of us to be a part of her life.
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