Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Mail Call

It's been too longs since I blogged. Summer time is always filled with so many activities and things pulling at my attention.

I am very happy to share some of the letters I received in the last couple weeks. Including one from our very own Shoa!

In her letter she thanks us for her birthday gift. She bought shoes, skirt, t-shirt and bed sheet. She mentions spending a bit on transportation also.She says "I really appreciate what you did for me." And that her brothers felt glad.

She mentions this year is her final school exam. I will have to ask her what she plans next. She also mentions celebrating international children's day, and Easter.

She goes on to ask which is the highest mountain here. and if I know about the dam under construction on the Abay (not sure of the spelling, the translation is hard to read) river.

She asks for prayer for them to get another rain this season and for her to get good results in school.

**On a side note I have to say, that Ethiopia is one of the hardest translations to read. I have two kids there, and I always have such a hard time reading their letters. Anyone else experience this?

I also received a letter from 8 year old Tekalign in Ethiopia.

This was a themed letter about his project, Boditi Full Gospel Believers Church Child Development Project.

There are 249 children in his project.

It says he goes to the project either 1-3days a week or 1.3, I'm guessing the first.

His project is 1.5 Km from his house, and he walks to the project.

Typical activities are Sunday School and Health Education.

His favorite activity at the project is foot ball. And I believe that he looks like he plays hard, as his clothes in both photos are some what dirty.

My last letter is from 10 year old Duangdao in Thailand.

I always enjoy her letters, she has so much to say! She tells me school started on May 1st. And that she has Christ thorn growing in her front yard.

Both her parents are farmers and they grow rice. She asks if I like to grow rice. And if I have ever seen anyone grow rice.

 I had also asked how to write aunt in Thai and a couple other phrases (I told her I wanted her to help teach me Thai) and the amazing translator again typed them out in nice Thai font to make them easy to read!

She mentions going to the project with her older sister and little brother. I wonder if she is referring to church? Her little brother is between 2-3 now. And she also mentions her studying is getting better. She asks for prayers for her studies and her family.

And she signed to top of her letter her name in English!! I love this girl!
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