Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's Mail Call

Every Monday I enjoy looking back over the week at any mail I received from my Compassion International kids. This week brings me a letter from the Philippines.

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I received a letter this week from 18 year old Sheena is the Philippines. While usually I am quite excited to received a letter, but this one was a little bittersweet. This is Sheena's final letter.

While the letter was super informative, it was definately written after her departure, as it was the project worker, and no Sheena herself. She thanked me for supporting Sheena, and that Sheena was able to enroll in formal school through her second year of college. It also talked about all the things she was provided from tutorial services, computer lessons and dental check-ups to vocational training like computer skills, handicrafts, cooking, hair cutting and manicure/pedicure training. Most of those services I did not know she had received. There is quite the list.

It went on to talk about it being her aunts decision, as her guardian, for her to finish the program early. And her Aunt would continue to help her with schooling, and her others needs. I ask for you to please pray for Sheena. I believe her aunt has her best interests in mind, but know Sheena could use prayer as she transitions into adult life outside the Compassion program.

Please pray she remembers what she was taught and continues to make wise choices that honor God throughout her life.

Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies has a link up with other sponsors and their letters.
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