Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not My Mail Monday

My nephew received two letters over the weekend from his Compassion sponsor child. I was so excited coming in the house as they were both in lager envelopes. I know my mail lateyly has been coming for no reason in the larger envelopes, but he had saved some money and sent a family gift a while back, so I was convinced he probably had a photo. As he rips into I was right. There was a had some young boy stapled to the letter.

I thought it was so neat to see his photo, but wait a minute, what is he holding?! Its the gift we sent with a fellow sponsor who traveled in January to the Philippines!! Even better of a photo!

Then upon closer look, my sister discovered not only was there one photo, but three!!! Another of him, sitting on a pew at church, and then John with his mother and little brother!

What a great mail day!

**Sorry I didn't actually get this posted yesterday, I was having some technical difficulties trying to get the photos from my phone.
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