Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Unreached

As I was reading last night through, The Persecuted Church Global Report 2012, put out my The Voice of the Martyrs, I was struck by the staggering statistics. It's not like I'm new to hearing about the Persecuted church, or staggering statistics about so many closed countries in the 10/40 window who've never heard the gospel. But as I read, I felt a new light shine on the topic.

I then read Kayla's post on the 10/40 window over at Tales of Child Sponsorship, and realized the need to spread these statistics.

One of the first countries listed, as they are listed in alphabetical order, was Afghanistan. What stuck out most, was the fact that out of 76 people groups in Afghanistan, 70 of those people groups are considered unreached!! That number breaks my heart! Seventy people groups in Afghanistan have never heard about Jesus. They have never been told about the God of love, and how he gave so sacrificially, His only son Jesus, to save them!

I skipped through to read more about some of the countries Compassion International works in. I came to Bangladesh next. And I know this country is not very open to the gospel. It has listed that 372, of the 423 people groups in Bangladesh are unreached by the gospel. It really started to stir my heart.

Next I came to India. The shear volume of people groups started to blow my mind. They have listed a total of 2,533 people groups. That many different cultures, languages and dialects. Of that total number, 2,229 are considered unreached! That is a big job! I'm so thankful I serve a big God of big jobs!

Please pray with me, not only for these insane statistics to be changed, but for the specific people these statistics represent. They really are living, dying, people. Who haven't met the coolest man alive!
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