Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Plethra of Things

I have many things to mention, but due to time, I'll make them brief...

I'm so excited, to be in the process of moving. Everything finally went through, but in high speed. My sister received keys Friday afternoon. We've been in full speed since then. Painting and moving! I'm so excited for this move, but I'm extremely exhausted.


In addition to that, I'd like to say sorry for my absence. Attempting to pack prior, and then being between homes has left me without internet until this evening. I have to say I've missed you, and look forward to, as time allows catch up on your blogs as well.


Also, Saturday marked the first game of soccer season. My oldest nephew played with Upward (A Christian sports league) last fall, and this year both are playing. My plan was to be assistant coach to my sister for their team, but because of the huge turn out of children, I stepped up to coach another team. I have six kids ages 4-5 I'm coaching. I'm excited to be able to not only have fun along side these kids, but have ministry opportunities with them and their families. 

To be honest I really do not know much about soccer at all, but I am having fun learning along side these kids through games and practices.


I work at an assisted living facility for the elderly. No, not a nursing home, more like a retirement community, that does offer additional services. The state conducts annual surveys to make sure we are doing our job. Last year our building received a deficiency free survey. That is not very common at all! This week we were in survey again, on our toes for whatever it is they would want to write us up for. We do run a tight ship, and know our residents well, but we figured we'd be seen under a magnifying glass.

I'm happy to say we received our second deficiency free survey!!! We were all stunned, especially my boss when the survive from the state told her our building is a cut above the rest! They don't dish comments out, so this really was exceptional.


This past weekend, I was unable to attend the advocate gathering happening in our area (three and half hours away). I would have loved to go, but timing was not in my favor. Jill over at Compassion Family Blog had asked if we'd finally get the chance to meet in person, and I was disappointed when I told her no. I had later found out another advocate in town, that I know via work would be attending. I wanted to tell him to meet Jill for me, and tell her hi.

You see, Mike drives a Sysco truck that delivers groceries to my place of work. I use to unload and pack the store room back several years ago, and got to know Mike a little then. I don't remember how the conversation came up, but we found out not only did we both sponsor kids through Compassion, but we were both advocates as well. I don't have much interaction outside of work (not really sure why), so I thought it may seem a bit of a strange request for me to ask.

This morning Mike showed up bright and early. He was finished unloading groceries, and was about to leave. He come to me, and says "By the way, she asked me to say Hi." Those simple words made my day! I knew instantly he had met Jill, and had come upon a conversation, and realized they both knew me. I said Jill, and he smiles and tells me yes.

Jill you made my day, I just want you to know!!!
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