Monday, April 23, 2012

Mail Call

I always enjoy sharing my letters from my precious Compassion kids. I look forward everyday to checking my mailbox, hoping for a letter, my connection, to their world. Those letters almost seem like gold. One time I had a letter with a dirt print on it, and I told me sister that it added to the reality of knowing my child actually wrote my letter. It may have fallen from her desk first, but she held that letter contimplating what to write.

I do apologize this week for no photos of the letters, I'm still not all the way moved, and I'm not sure where everything is.

My first letter was from almost 12 year old Erick, from Bolivia.

Erick is very, very good about answering all my questions. I love his letters because he switches subjects so often, and may talk about 15 different things. He seems like he may be a busy boy.

He tells me again about his old dgo and how he wishes he could take a picture of him on his cell phone to always remember him by. But his cell phone doesn't take photos. He attends the project Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. They are not sure what the new school building will look like yet, as they haven't finished. They are only building on Saturday and Sunday. And they haven't tore his old school down, as they are still attending.

He said he doesn't get to see hsi two friends he mention by name in an earlier letter because they dont go to school with him and they are not his naighbors. Now I'm slightly confused and curious as to how he met these two boys.

Overal all, amazing letter, I always learn so much from his letters!

My next letter was from 15 year old Mame Aba, from Ghana.

Not a letter goes by where she thanks me for chooseing her. It makes me wonder about her past. It shows me she is truly greatful! She goes on to answer my question about who lives in her home. She lists: cousins, siblings, my uncle and aunties. I though her mom was in the picutre, but no I'm unsure. She goes on to tell me she is learning to use the computer, do communial labor and fix some of the local dishes. She also drew and colored a cute heart that says I love you so much!

And then I also received a letter from Sheena, thanking me for a gift I sent with another sponsor to the Philippines. There was a photo printed on computer paper. I'll post her letter later, as I'm not sure which house it is at. My sister told me it was in the car, but I couldn't find it before soccer practice tonight. It was a really sweet letter.

Have you had any gold delivered to your mailbox? :)
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