Wednesday, March 7, 2012

God and Expectations

Normally I would be wordless today, revealing something via photos. Or I would post a song that has really caught my attention, or I just plain love. But today I have so much more to share.

Now honestly, I'm not exactly sure words can do justice, but it's the best attempt I have. Often times God astounds me and I know my own words can't portray the full extent of who God is, and all He's doing.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a very unique retreat. One unique aspect is the age group 12-30. You have Jr high, high school and young adults. While this may not seem to make sense or work out well, I do have to say this is probably one of my favorite retreats. This was my 3rd year going, and I love that I can attend along with the my youth.

I know part of me was not really sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to grow closer to God and have some amazing God moments, but what that would translate to I wasn't sure.

Prior to the retreat, I had been asked if I would help as an alter worker. I was excited, but part of my was also nervous. It's not I haven't helped in this capacity before. I've worked camps many times, bust still part of me, the fleshly part of me, tells me I'm not good enough. I'm not spiritual enough, I can't pray as well as those who are also helping. And I know that Satan gets so excited as I start to believe those things, yet my mind starts running.

So going into Friday night I was excited, but nervous. We had arrived late, and had actually got there right as service was starting, so I had no time to even check basis with anyone. But I have to say I love how God does things. How He orchestrates His plans, despite our weakness.

After worship, and the message there were a few that began to make their way to the alter. This of us helping made our way up to, though I was in the back, and slightly hesitant. When i made it up there, most of the young ladies had someone praying with them. There were a few young men, but I decided best to let the men pray with them. All of the sudden there were two girls standing in front of me, with their backs to me. I had been standing near the front, on the side, waiting for whoever I needed to pray with. At first I though I was suppose to pray with one of them, but then God told me the other. I knew neither girl, or so I though.

As I asked her if I could pray with her, she didn't look up a whole lot. We had a minimal conversation, and then I prayed with her. As I finished praying I took a double look at her and realized I recognized her. Then I saw her name tag and it clicked. I had her in my group last year. It was I felt God reassure me a little more, as I was able to connect with this girl a little better.

I have more to share, but it will have to be later.
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