Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet My Child-Karabukirwa

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my oldest Compassion child to you. She is the most recent addition, though she's been with me over 8 months.

Karabukirwa is 19 years old, soon to be 20 on the 14th of April. I had been watching a few kids on the Compassion website, praying for sponsors. There was four of them at one point in time. I had no intention of sponsoring them. The weeks went by, I believe 3 to be exact, and Karabukirwa was still sitting there starring at my. She was the oldest or second to oldest In total on the site. I use to love watching the older children, but don't often venture to the website much now, as I know I'm at my max kids. I had even gone as far as to email Compassion asking about a graduation date. Then, between jobs I heard God tell me I needed to sponsor her.

It all sounded a bit crazy, as I was having a hard time as it was, and struggling for a new job. But I love God's timing. That night after sponsoring Karabukirwa, I received the call about a job. And God reassured me He was in control. And I've absolutely fell in love with this amazing young lady!

If you haven't been following my blog long, over on the left side, if you click on Rwanda, my mail calls with her letters should show up. Her latest letter was very long, and so full of details. Her bright, sweet spirit shinning through!

She lives with only her mother. I'm not sure about her father, but wonder if he might have been one of the many lost during the horrific genoicide. She would have been young at the time, and she does live near to the tragic site. She has another sibling, I'm pretty sure a sister.

She also mentioned in a letter the government was requiring her mother to revovate their home. While I wasn't able to send a very big gift, I did send a family gift and I'm a little anxious to see how it was used!
And while on the down side, I won't have the opportunity for her to be "mine" long, I do treasure the time I do have with her! And do not regret sponsoring an older child.

Thinking about child sponsorship, but maybe the length of the commitment is a little intimidating. Consider sponsor an older child. Not only is the commitment shorter, but these older teenagers usually have so much to say. And are extremely greatful for all your letters and the sponsorship
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