Monday, March 12, 2012

Excited About Mail

First off, I do apologize for my absence lately. I'm trying to relearn time management, and making sure I spend my time wisely, especially in respect to my time with God. Many other little things have played into my absence, but I'm super excited to share my first letter I received in the last few weeks of letter drought.

My letter this week comes from 14 year old Mwanaidi in Tanzania. The envelope was thick, which isn't a usual occurrence for her, so I opened it not sure what kind of surprise I might find.

It was a thank you letter, a separate blank paper with many flowers, and they were colored!! She usually gives me a pencil only drawing at the bottom of the letter. And its a simple flower or cross, so I thought maybe she didn't enjoy drawing, and I was ok with that. But now I wonder what spurred the extra drawing?

Then, attached to that was a Compassion progress report. I had never heard or seen one from Tanzania, but I have from Ethiopia. It was for the entire year and came on a full sheet, as opposed to the half sheets from Ethiopia.

I'm a little curious if they are very harsh/strick on grading because according to the grades she is about a D which is passing, but really not great. Anyone else know anything about Tanzania and school grades?

Her letter was sweet, and she started to say a little more than she spends time studying and what subjects she studies. I was excited to learn more details of her life. She's starting to open up a bit more.

How about you, any mail this last week?!
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