Friday, March 16, 2012

Beyond Expectations

To add to God and Expectations, I'd like to say my weekend didn't stop there. Saturday I got to hang out with my friends who I usually only see at retreats and conventions. I just have to say I've been blessed to be able to call some of these amazing young woman of God friends!!

We had classes on Saturday, the first session was "Godly Characteristics of a Christian Leader" taken from Philippians. There was quite an impressive list and as I've been making my way through Philippians, there is so many details I never realized.

The second class for me, was a youth leaders workshop. Again, mind you the age was 12-30, so there were quite a few in the older age group who work with youth in their local church. The class was great time to ask questions, bounce ideas off one another, and to pray and seek God together as a group. God definitely gave me some more direction to work with one of the girls we've been struggling a bit with.

All weekend I felt as if I was relearning the need of prayer and fasting. Not that I didn't already know, or seek God in this manner, but I honestly had become extremely lax in both areas. And as hard as that almost is to admit, I know it's the truth.

Saturday night service was really amazing. God showed up in a powerful way touching many of the young people, meeting individual needs. I had the opportunity to pray with several, one of which is really special to me. She was one of the girls in my cabin the first year I was a group leader at camp. And I've really enjoyed watching her grow up, and seeing her developing her relationship with God.

God showed up so powerful during worship, that most of the night was not spent with hearing a preacher, but rather listening more to God. I think there's a need for balance between the two and God speaks through both.

Then as what seemed to be near the end of the service a young lady approached youth leader who's church was hosting the event, and spoke with him. He then proceeds to say that God spoke to her that there was someone who had been suffering with knee pain this week. And that God wants to heal you.

At that point I knew God was speaking to me. I've struggle many years since I was a child with knee pain. I've been to the doctor and they never have said much conclusive. So I went up for prayer, and there were others too who needed healing of some sort.

I know I've heard many stories of healing, from the bible, to present day. I've heard many describe a warming sensation, or even tingling. And I do have to admit that no, I didn't feel anything "special" as she was praying, but I just knew. And then I remember her telling me that if I start to feel pain, start thanking God for His healing.

Last week as the pain tried to creep in I remembered those words, and begain the process throughout the day of truely thanking God believing what He has done for me. And by the end of this week, I feel even more confident and thank for what God has done.
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