Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yet Another Peruvian Giveaway!

Ok, so as promised I have one more Peruvian giveaway planned. This was one of my favorite things I picked out while there, and I picked up several pairs, and decided I really do not need them all.

Earrings! And can anyone guess what theses earrings are made of?! Fish scales!

Now before you think that's totally gross, I want to say, unless told, you wouldn't probably know. They do not smell like fish at all. And they make them in a variety of colors. And while you may be able to find these in some of the Inca markets in Lima, these earrings came from a smaller town in the jungle area of San Ramon, Peru. We spent a week in this smaller town, partnering with this church:

So while you may be winning a set of "simple" earrings, I thought it would make them more special if you knew the story behind them.

To enter:
*simply leave me a comment telling me why you'd like to win these. One entry per person, but you're welcome to spread the word :)

Giveaway ends Friday and Noon PST. I'll try to make sure I post on Friday night this time :)
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