Monday, February 13, 2012

Exceptional Mail Call

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So last Tuesday I went to the mailbox, and knew right away there were letters...many letters. I saw a thick stack of cream envelopes, and I squealed with excitement. There was  more likely than not, mail for everyone. And I was right. I received five letters! My sister received three and my nephew also received a letter. That's probably the best letter day ever!

First letter was from my youngest, 4 year old Arsang from Thailand.

Both he and his family thanked me for the letter and stickers. He told me most of the time he likes to play the chasing game with his friends or little sibling.

He also told me he doesn't know how to fish because there is no place to go fishing. (I told him about my nephews and I going fishing) He tells me that Thailand doesn't have wild elephant. And the wild elephants are snakes squirrels, wild pigs and many kinds (I asked after we visited the zoo). He also tells me he likes dogs! And he colored me a picture with LOTS of green, a lot like the background of his photo!

Next was my other Thai child, nine year old Duangdao.

I'm so proud of her, and her beautiful Thai writing she does on her own! It's artwork itself. She thanked me for the birthday gift, she told me she used it to buy warm clothes. She tells me I'm always in her prayers and thoughts.

She tells me there are many types of animals in Thailand: deer, snakes, elephants, tigers, monkeys, birds, cows and buffaloes. She also tells me there are some elephants in her village. ( I thought it was funny I received two different answers from my Thai kids the same day!)

She also tells me she likes music and she hopes I do too.

Then I received a letter from sixteen year old David in Ecuador.

He tells me thank you for the photos and that he is happy to know me and my landscapes (thanks to the new online stationary!). He tells me he always prayers and will continue to pray for me family. And one of my favorite lines was "Go forward, God is with you with Him nothing is impossible." I love the understanding and blessing he spoke/wrote. And that was partly in reference to my new job.

He tells me his family is well and that when he shared my greetings with them, they were happy.

I then received two letters from eighteen year old Sheen in the Philippines.

One was a reply letter, and the other was a scheduled letter.  They were written 8 days apart. She thanked me for the Christmas gift, she bought slippers, a bag, blouses and cologne. (that was very close to what she bought last year too) She tells me she's excited to wear it to the Sunday service. She tells me her schooling is fine, and she received high grades, because her inspiration is God!!! (She put three exclamation marks) She says she thanks God he gave her a sponsor like me, who understands her.

She thanked me for the photos, of where I go fishing, and said she wished she could go there. She tells she misses me and loves the stationary I sent (again, thanks to the new online letter writing tool!) She says "I hope and pray to God that we can see each other" (I pray I too get the opportunity to meet her before she graduates in the next few years. Her completion date is 2014) She also mentions she would like to see snow in the Philippines, because that is something they don't have. And she made mention of our weather being opposite. Again she tells me she did well on her exam, and passed all her subjects. (I'm waiting to hear back on the field inquiry, as to why her case study said she wasn't in school.)

I hope you received some special mail! If, so I'd love to hear from who!
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