Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet My Child-Sarah

Sarah is 17 years old and lives in Uganda. Sarah joined me shortly before the loss of Carolyne, my other Ugandan child. This country was already dear to me, but this young lady stole my heart!

Sara was one of my few kids that I did ask for her Compassion history. Depending on the phone rep, they may or may not give you much past history, but they did tell me a little about Sarah. She had the same sponsor for the last nine years. They were very faithful to her; she never experienced the loss of a sponsor like most kids. But the sad part was, she never once received a letter. She was faithful to write her required three letters a year to her sponsor, but I'm sure she wondered why she never received one back. Because of this I wrote faithfully, frequently, and filled my letters with love, hoping she would give me a chance in return.
I remember the day her first letter came, I was so excited, and I could tell she was too! The salutation read "dear best friend miss Heather." and it's been continual loved poured out through all her letters since then!
Sarah comes from a single mother household, with two younger sisters. She's not the best in school, but she isn't the bottom of her class. She strives to always do well in her studies.
I love all my kids, but I truly feel blessed to have such an amazing young lady in my life! She blesses me and I pray I can bless her as much as she blesses me!
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