Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday...

And you know what that means...mail time!!!

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And while I may not be hearing as frequently from some of my usual frequent writers, I am definitely thankful to be receiving letters most weeks. Especially when I hear other sponsors talking about a major lack of letters from everywhere!

This week brought letters from Mwandai and Duangdao.

Mwandai's arrived first, so I'll start with my 14 year old from Tanzania. I was just talking with her sponsor about how she's starting to open up a little bit more and I was anticipating her next letter to be even more detailed. And boy was it ever full of details!

She said she and her family are well and thanked me for the letter I sent. She tells me in history she is learning about ancient people and in math they are working on multiplication and division as well as geometry. (from her letters she really seems to enjoy school!)

She mentions helping her parents and also continuing to revise her study notes! She also tells me they have various animals where she lives, but her favorite is the baboon (I wrote to tell her about the zoo with photos). She also asks me to read Psalm 23.

My second letter is from 9 year old Duangdao from Thailand.

If I wasn't posting from my phone I would upload a photo of her handwriting, it's absolutely beautiful! But I ended up cover another shift, so I won't be off till late, so I'll have to post it later :)

I love the salutation. 'May God always be with you.' She asks what I like to do in my spare time, and tells me she enjoys reading and riding her bycycle.  She tells me its the beginning of winter in her village and asks about my weather. She requests prayer for her study and for her parents work. And lastly she asks specifically if I like to ride bikes. I'm excited to tell her about me and my nephews riding bikes!

Have you received any special mail?

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