Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shoa's Birthday

Shoa's birthday is coming up in April, and so it's about time to send her birthday card and gift. I was thinking I would send a $20 birthday gift, as that's how much I generally send, but if anyone else was wanting to add a little money towards her birthday gift, I'd add that into her birthday gift money. You can either use the chip in widget on the side bar (just let me know it's for her birthday) or you can email me for my address if you rather send a check. My email is

I also wanted to give opportunity for those of you who wanted to send a birthday card, for me to pass along, with birthday wishes and or encouraging scriptures. Again, if this is something you would like, shoot me an email, and I'll get you my address, as I do not feel comfortable posting it for anyone and everyone to see.

Here's Shoa with last year's gift:

She has grown up so much!

I don't want anyone to feel obligated who have sent money before, to have to send a birthday gift or even a card. I just wanted to give this amazing group an opportunity if you'd like :)
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