Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday's Mail Call

So last week I received two precious letters. Neither of them were Christmas letters, they were more of reply letters.

The first one was from sweet 9 year old Duangdao from Thailand.

She thanks me for my letter and prayers, and also spoke a very powerful blessing "May Gos be with you and your family forever." She mentioned it being exam times, but that she doesn't do any English exams, but she does do Thai and social science.

She told me she enjoys playing hide and seek with friends at the project and also with her older sister and little brother. And her school had a sports day on October 28th and she is on the red team.

My second letter was from 14 year old Mwanaidi from Tanzania.

From some of her first letters it sounded like she enjoys school. And I really think she is a smart young lady who is studying hard to do great things. She thanks me for my good questions :)

She says she loves her studies at her school; math and English (though her letters are translated into English by someone else). Her and two friends, Zaiubu and Husup  went and caught cat fish together. (I told her of me and my nephews going fishing).

She goes on to tell she will be on a school break soon and she will help her parents with house chores. And asked how my duties at my home are. And she ends her letter "I will continue praying for you in everything"

She's starting to open up a little bit...she seems to be a bit of a quite teenager. And she didn't draw me anything on this letter which is fine, as I think she doesn't enjoy it much.

On a side note, my job situation after this week should be normal or consistent for my new schedule, so hopefully I can get back to blogging a bit more and do some more "Meet my Child" intros, as Mwanaidi has a special story I'd like to share :)
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