Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I would normally post either just photos, or music today, but I really felt she needs a few words to go with her photo.

This is 9 year old Jerika, from the Philippines. Yeah, I know her photo may look a little familiar. I did post about her earlier here. She is still looking for a sponsor. And I knew when I saw her photo, there seemed to be something that caught my attention; something special. Well at closer examination of her packet, my sister noticed that she is a medical needs child, with asthma.

My sister has her packet until December 30th...that's 2 days away. Jerika has already been waiting 7 months to find her special sponsor. Do you know someone who may be interested in sponsoring this precious girl?

Can you commit to $38 a month, prayer and most importantly writing regularly to encourage this special little girl? If so, please comment here and/or you can also email my sister at:
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