Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Teenager for Christmas?

I was so very excited yesterday to get home and find a small package setting by my door. One of my favorite parts of being an advocate is sharing my about my kids. And my second favorite part is sharing with friends packets of children still waiting to meet their new sponsor. While not always successful in helping match a waiting child, with an excited sponsor, I love taking the opportunity to share and pray for this kids.

I have never had the opportunity to share a child packet of a priority child. A priority child is one who has been waiting more than six months. Well yesterday when I tore into my package, like it was Christmas, I noticed staring back a me:

Junior Rafael Rincon Rosario

Junior is from the Dominican Republic. He is a very handsome 13 year old who has been waiting over 9 months for his sponsor. He was born May 20, 1998. He lives with both parents and is doing average in school. He lives near San Pedro de Macoris and attends the Paloma Student Center (DR 458).

Kristine Grace Albastro

Kristine is from the Philippines. A country that has become very near and dear to my heart. She will be 16 years old on December 17. What a great birthday present someone could give this young lady and make it a sweet 16. She lives with both her parents and is also doing average in school. She lives in Iliolo City and attends the Faith Student Center (PH 850). 

And though I can't find the exact distance on a map right now, I know Kristine doesn't live too far from my Sheena. I know Sheena lives on the plains of Iliolo City, and Kristine lives in Iliolo City, there are probably relatively close. Also I noticed over on OurCompassion, there are quite a few sponsors who sponsor in Kristine's project and also Junior's project that you could connect with.

So if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring one of these kids, you can either post here or email me at: kute_queen@hotmail.com 

Because who wouldn't want a teenager for Christmas :) And if you sponsor one of these kids I'd be delighted to send you a correspondence kit with decorative paper and goodies to send to your kid :)
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