Monday, December 5, 2011

My Ornaments

So yesterday after reading and seeing Jill's ornaments over at Compassion Family Blog, I was super excited about making some for us. So excited in fact, I started last night! I was given a ton of beads and the peg boards for those kits where you use an iron and melt the beads to form the creation you lay out on the peg boards, and as a kid I remember making picture frames with them before. So I pulled out all the stuff, and got 3 of the boy frames done, and 2 of the girls.

Salomi from Idia

Sattawat from Thailand

Razac from Burkina Faso

I thought I would start with my sister's kids first, that would be why you probably don't recognize any of them. I started sort of randomly, so after I finished the frames, came the hard part of trying to find the extra pictures of the kids to put in the frames. 

I also probably could have completed the frames faster too, if I hadn't decided to become Hulk on Sunday while helping a friend break into her car after locking the keys and the dog in the car. I ended up breaking a pudding scrapper/knife in my hand and slicing my hand pretty well in the palm thumb area.

Though the first frame I finished was John's for my nephew Jonathan to hang on the tree. Then I quizzed him on the different kids in the frames I finished. He knows all our kids names, but doesn't always connect every face with a name. So it's good recognition for who he's praying for.

John from the Philippines

Thanks Jill for the great idea! How do you display your kids? Do you do anything special for the holidays?
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