Monday, August 6, 2012

Mail Call Monday

I am very excited to share today, as I have received quite a few letters in the last couple weeks. I was unable to post last Monday, but I'm excited to share today.

I have six letters to share, it feels almost like Christmas!

First letters is from 15 year old Mwanaidi from Tanzania.

She looks almost stern in her photo, but she is really warming up, and sharing more in each letter. She tells me she is pleased with my questions. She tells me she is doing well with her lessons, and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. The chores she helps with are washing utensils, washing clothes and sweeping. And when asked what her favorite animal is, she tells me grazing animals like cows and goats. She also  tells me she was happy to hear I got my nursing certificate (my CNA license). This girls is smart and has tons of potential.

Then I heard from my youngest, 5 year old Arsang in Thailand.

His tutor helps him write, and she tells me he is happy to know I sent him a letter. She also says he is still a good child, and that he looks after his little sister well. She mentions she attends the activities at the project also, and if she is crying he consoles her. The last sentence reads "His mother would like to ask will you come to Thailand?" I would love to go, God willing some day I may.

He drew me a very colorful photo and I love how Thailand has the children draw on a separate sheet. I can adore his letter and drawing at the same time.

I received another Thai letter from 10 year old Duangdao.

She writes, "I am glad you wrote to me again. Your work is interesting. I think you are very happy with it. You are a very good woman because you are taking care of the patient and elderly." I thought it was neat to hear back from two of my kids in regards to my new job, and job training with my Nursing Assistant certification. She tells me "I have a story to share also. I always ride my bicycle with my friends in summer." And that was the end of her story. I love how she just lets her thoughts flow, and I hear about many topics.

Then I received a letter from my sweet 18 year old Sarah in Uganda.

It has been a little while since I have heard from her, but she begins her letter again, "my beloved friend Heather." She writes in English, but I do not believe it to be her first language, or she hasn't done very well in school. Her first question she ask, "How are you and how is your life at large?" It made me smile. She tells me about her Easter holiday, and asks for prayers. She tells me she is proud and grateful for the letters I sent her.

She asks me again, when I will visit her in her country, and tells me as she has before, "I know that it is a long way from your home country to my home country Uganda and there are valleys and mountains, but don't fear that because there is a God who will make a way for you." She wrote this almost verbatim a few months ago when she asked me to visit. I believe I did not say anything back, as I did not want to lead her to believe I was coming, as my words might come across unlike I intend. But maybe she knows something I don't know yet, and I'll be heading to Uganda. I know I would love to go!

Then I recieved two letters from 12 year old Erick in Bolivia.

The week before he wrote me about all his pets, past and present. He told me he had 2 cats, but they were sick and died. (He's my child that knows his dog is old, and is scared for him to die.) He then tells me about celebrating children's day at school and taking a field trip to trout aquarium. I think that sounds like a neat place!

Then I received this!!

He tells me his birthday was the 22nd of May, and thanks me for the gift. He was a sweat suit and sweater. He tells me his parents bought a cake, and sang him happy birthday. He also tells me about mothers day, and his mom's birthday being in May and says "May is one of the most imprtant times of the year becayse it's my mom's birthday, my birthday, and mother's day. When is your birthday?" I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to hear my birthday is also in May. He signs his letter, "Your Boy, Erick"
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