Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm back

Well sorry to say it's been quite some time. That was never my intention, but some how it happened that way. First I was preparing work as a group leader at church camp. I had to make sure I was prepared for my cabin devotions, and had our "country's" flag done. Atlantis won the gold medal in the Olympics by the way. We were total underdogs, and came back to take gold. I'm so proud of my kids.

Then I was gone for an amazing week at camp. And it never fails, but camp equals sleep loss, and so coming back to normal life, lack of sleep and catching up with everything else....well blogging wasn't on the top of my list.

After I got back from a week of camp with teenagers, I went camping with my nephews and sister. Had a close encounter with a snake...too close! So glad it wasn't a rattlesnake, as my foot was under the edge of the van and I didn't see him, before he saw me. I felt some going over my foot, and as I backed away saw it was a snake. After being warned about the rattlesnakes, I started to scream.

Then I had a busy week back at work. I'm thankful someone was willing to fill in while I was gone, but she doesn't do my job like me, and there were things I found that got forgotten about. And that Friday after work, we headed out for another night of camp, this time for the little guys 5-7 years old. They did allow Nate to participate at 3, he was the youngest camper, but there were several 4 year olds. We had four kids go with us.

The boys and their group leader Jon

Worship time was fun. That was Nate with the n instead of the u

Also, earlier in the week, we were invited to go to the circus with some friends. She had extra tickets, and it was a lot of fun. I absolutely love elephants!


And while it has been a whirlwind these past few weeks, I feel like I'm catching up a bit. Though summer is busy, so please excuse any absences I may experience.

Tomorrow will be Wordless Wednesday, but I want to tell you today that I will be sharing many photos from Senior camp the first week I was gone. The theme was Champions, and each group was represented by a country, either real or made up. We competed throughout the week, and played many strange and unusual games, like ultimate octopus! Stay tune.

And thanks for sticking around through my silence.

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