Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Folly, Faulter, Faith

As I was doing a bible reading/devotional  through YouVersion, I realized the questions were really good questions I needed to ask myself.

The scripture was Timothy 3:1-9.

It was then quoted David P. Gushee said:
"Many of the goals that people pursue as the destination of their lives are completely inadequate for the task. What a tragedy, really - to think of so many people scurrying around from day to day pursuing something that just doesn't matter!"

Then it asked:
What goals are you pursuing; by looking at your lifestyle, what would someone deduce is your greatest love; and how might you protect yourself from folly?

At first I thought I had no goals. I thought wow, I'm not really heading anywhere if I'm not pursing much. But then realized I should count things like growing closer to Christ, being a Christ like example to th youth I work with, and meeting one or more of my Compassion kids face to face!

I guess my mind just didn't originally process that way. I was thinking goals, like those one purses with school, and work. I would say I'm content where I work and with what I'm doing. not like I could care less, or I'm just here for a paycheck. But I like what I do, and who I work with...most days.

I guess I've always had a fear of that question. Like someone is always judging me for not being enough or not doing enough. I always approach the question with trepidation.

So now I feel I need to approach God with the question, show me where my goals need to be. I don't want my wish list and plans to cloud what great things you have in store. I know your promise in Jeremiah 29:11.

David was considered a man after God's own heart. No, he wasn't perfect, but we all have our own shortcomings. That shouldn't stop us from pursuing God.

Lord, help my focus and attention be on you, because I know only then I will be able to protect myself from folly. I know on my own Lord, I will faulter. Lord, increase my faith.
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