Monday, April 30, 2012

Mail Call

This last week I was blessed by a letter from my dear young man in Ecuador, 16 year old Jose David.

I was given an amazing opportunity by fellow blogger Jennifer, to send a gift with her to Ecuador. She traveled at the end of October to meet her sweet Henith. If you want to see photos, click here. David had a birthday December first. And I thought if his gift was dropped off at the country office, it would get to him in a month, in time for his birthday. But I hadn't received any word, until this last week.

The letter was dated November 28, I'm unsure why it took so long to get to me, my guess is it ended up on the bottom of a translation pile. None the less, I'm so grateful for it!

He thanks me for the beautiful gift I send. "I thank you of heart." He tells me he is using the Bible I sent, and it is very nice indeed. I struggled slightly, trying to decided, what I could send, that was small, but have a great memory/impact. I know they received Bibles, throughout their time in Compassion, but I found a nice compact Spanish, leather bond Bible, for a great deal, and had his name imprinted in gold. I also wrote in my minimal Spanish on the inside. I thought it would be nice to have a Bible, directly from me. And the gold lettering would make it special.

He goes on to tell me he is happy because everyone in his praise band already has instruments. And they are always able to praise God in a better way!

He's an amazing artist. In colored pencils he drew my name. And in pencil trees.  He always draws on the backs of his letters. I think I have less than five in the 3 years, that don't have drawings. I consider it a privilege!
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