Thursday, April 26, 2012


All those beautiful faces. Some light, some dark. Smiles, frowns, grimaces, tears. Sunday best, or holly mess. Most have lovely dark eyes, but occasionally you'll see lighter or even blue eyes.

As you scroll through the pages of waiting children on Compassion International's website, what goes through your mind?

I can think back to all the "criteria" I had when choosing my children. Most never met all of what my expectations were. But I know God had bigger, greater plans.  But even when I past my limit of sponsorships, I'd feel drawn the pages of beautiful faces.

I will say I don't often venture over to Compassion's website, as I fear I may fall in love with one of those precious young people. Often times my sister will be browsing and I'll walk by and stop and look with her. But I don't often spend too much time looking for myself.

I've see a few posts lately of others highlighting certain kids. I enjoy reading about them, and admiring their expressions. But last night was different. I felt God say there was a child I needed to find. And no, she wasn't for me.  I usually will start looking at the girls 17-21, but widened my search criteria, as I wasn't sure who I was looking for. I search both boys and girls 15-21.

So many neat names, smiling faces, and waiting children. After about 4 pages, I almost wanted to stop. I hadn't found the child, but wasn't sure I should keep looking. I clicked on several kids bios, but hadn't found them.

I then saw Jenipher. I loved the spelling, and it reminded me of how it was pronounced by the teenagers in South Africa (Jen-EE-fir). Jenipher is 15 years old and from Tanzania. She is gorgeous! And she has been waiting 270 days!! I couldn't believe it. She is privileged to live with both parents, and her five siblings. She is also above average, which is quite a feet in Tanzania. I received a school report recently from my "average" student, and her grades were not too impressive. Neither were the grades of a friend's of mine's child who also lives in Tanzania.

This special young lady has been waiting quite a while to find her sponsor. Will you pray with me for her sponsor? Maybe you know who's family Jenipher is waiting to join.
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