Monday, March 26, 2012

Mail Call

Well, no letters yet, but I do anticipate some this week. Since I hadn't heard from Shoa in quite some time, I did make a phone call to Compassion to inquire about the situation. And the prior conversation led me to believe they were going to do a field inquiry, that wasn't done, but I was told a letter was scanned into the system Tuesday, along with letters from three more of my kids!!!

Last week I did received my updated photo of Mame Aba from Ghana. She really is a beautiful young lady.

I haven't received them in the mail, but I had two more recent updates. Here is my oldest, Karabukirwa from Rwanda:

And here is Mame Aba from Ghana's most recent photo!

Can't wait to share some real letters soon, but I'm so proud to show off my new photos! Have a blessed week!!
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