Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet My Child-Mame Aba

I'm a day later than planned for my, but I'd still like to introduce you to another of my precious Compassion kids.

This week brings you the introduction of 15 year old Sarah Mame Aba from Ghana.

Mame Aba, as she likes to be referred to by entered my life last spring when I found out my precious Carolyne moved with her daughter to a different area where Compassion doesn't work. I had been scouring the Compassion webpage looking for "the child." I had been watching a few other kids previously, but when I found out Carolyne was gone I just couldn't seem to find the right child.

 While on the phone with Compassion, I asked if they had already sent a packet out, and they hadn't but she would love to help me find another child. She searched their database of available kids, and looked in Carolyne's project in Uganda for me, but no teenage girls. So then I asked her to look at any older teenage girls in Ghana, I know there isn't many because Compassion hasn't been in Ghana very long, but ever so often a 15 year old girl will pop up on the website. She said I have one.

She read me Mame Aba's details, and I really started to consider her, but asked she send her packet out, as I had to see her first to know. The next I i know her name is on my online account with the question accept next to her name. No photo, just her name and number and option to take on her sponsorship. It haunted me almost two weeks, not know what she looked like. Then I made a call to see if there was any way to see her photo. The lady on the phone almost chuckled, as if she too understood. She told me I could hit the except button to see her photo, and if I wasn't interested she could take her off my account.

I hit accept, waiting for the page to load. Then I saw her and shreaked yes! The rep I could tell was smiling at this point and she tells me I wish everyone was as enthusiastic as you.

And that's how she joined me. She enjoys drawing, and is part of the bible club at her school. She wants to be a graphic designer when she gets older, and has been learning computer skills at the project. From the sounds of it, learning to use programs like paint, ect.

Here's her first photo I received prior to sponsoring her. I noticed an updated photo, but I'm waiting to get the digital copy of it.

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