Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Mail Call

For most people, Monday is probably their least favorite day of the week. Especially if it means heading back to a job, after having the weekend off.

But I have really been enjoying Monday's for a while. I absolutely love having the opportunity to share my precious letters from my Compassion International kids. And while I really could share them anytime, I have enjoyed sharing on Mondays with fellow bloggers and sponsors.

Sometimes I feel as if they are as valuable as gold. They connect me to a child living half way across the world, and let me see a glimpse of their life, their struggles, their fears, their hopes and their dreams. I treasure each letter, and reread them to see if maybe I missed something, and then when I stop to pray for them, I'm amazed at how God has chosen me to be an encouragement in their life, and I wonder if they know how much joy and encouragement they bring me. Sometimes I think they do, especially when Sheena wrote "I know you are happy right now with my letter." I love all these kids so dearly, and so I take great pride and joy sharing these little treasures from around the world, and I hope you too can enjoy a little of my treasures.

This week brought two letters, one from Sheena and one from Erick.

The first letter I tore into was from one of my more recent family members, 11 year old Erick from Bolivia.

What a handsome and talented young man who stands tall in his photo. I received another drawing, of a dog and a cat. He tells me in his letter, that his favorite animals are the dog, cat and sheep. I told him my favorite was the sheep, and it makes me smile to see he added that to his favorite list, and I wonder if I had something to do with that. He thanks me for the gift I sent him (not sure if it was birthday or his Christmas gift). He also mentions his classes will be done soon and he will be on vacation. So according to his previous letter, that means he should be on his way to a new school soon, as the construction was suppose to start after school was let out. During his break he plans to travel to Santa Cruz with his sister in law, brother and nephew.

I'm enjoying pretty frequent letters from him, and he is always full of details. I love the bit of randomness to the order of his details in his letters too.

Then I received a letter from my Filipino sister, 18 year old Sheena, whom I wrote more about last week here.

She opens the letter with "I'm always fine my dear sister." She goes on to tell me about how she shared the stickers I sent her with her Sunday school class. And how both enjoyed them very much. She also told me that most of the kids are 7 years and above in her class. She also says "I want you to know my sister that every letter you send me is valuable and you're so special to me." I pray she knows how special she is to me, and how much I treasure her letters also! She goes on to tell me that one of the bands I found from the Philippines she hadn't heard of, (It was one the few I found music for that was in English so I knew what they were actually singing about. I liked them. They're name was something like I.D.O.4.) but she would do some research and look them up.

And the last few lines of her letter say "I love you too my sister Heather." My heart melted a bit, as this is the first time she has said she loves me so directly. So I know she knows. And then right after she asks "How did you feel that you help a lady or child like me?" I'm not exactly sure what she meant by this. And maybe I read too much into it, but almost seemed like a question you'd ask as part of a goodbye.

Any suggestions as to what more specifically she may be asking?
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