Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet My Child-Sheena

I would normally post my child introduction on Thursday, but since my opportunity to post yesterday was from my phone on my break at work, and I didn't have all my pictures I like to share available, I decided I would wait and post today. Because for me, pictures make a difference, especially on this type of post.

So today I'd like to introduce you to a young lady you may have already started to get to know through her many letters I've posted on my Mail Call Mondays. Her name is Sheena, and she is 18 years old, and from the Philippines.

This is Sheena's current photo, taken last year. I have been corresponding with this precious young lady since September 2010. I had requested an older girl, because I had fallen in love with my current older children, plus I know other may not be as excited to be partnered with an older child. I had no experience with the Philippines previous to Sheena, but her correspondence has given me a great love for her country and people, and in turn opened a door, for my nephew to sponsor John from the Philippines, who lives in the same city as Sheena.

Sheena lives with her grandmother and aunt, along with some of her cousins. Her grandmother is older, with poor vision. And her aunt is a teacher. Sheena use to want to be a teacher also, but recently told me she was switching degrees to computer programing.

I do feel I've become quite close to Sheena, and I know her frequent letters have helped. We both refer to each other as sisters. She is a college student, and recently mentioned she was choose as a youth leader in her church.

This is the first photo I have of her, taken prior to my corresponding with her, but I love to look at how much they have grown up.

And this was her current photo when I started corresponding with her. I absolutely love her smile!! Isn't it contagious?!

She is probably by far, my best letter writer. I usually hear from her about once a month. Her letters are always full of so much love, and lately have been full of news, about her schooling, meeting new friends, and and about her church.

The only down side to falling in love with an older child, is you have less time to spend with them. Her purposed graduation date, is 2014. While she will only be 20 at the time and her plans can change, I will be very sad to no long have this special young lady in my life.

On a bright note though, my church on a state level has partnered with several of our churches in the Philippines, as several members from some of our churches are from the Philippines. And they take yearly missions trips over there to do building projects, and I've got an open invite, and I'm praying that maybe next year or even the year after I would be able to travel with them, and in turn get the opportunity to this special young lady. I would love to meet all of my Compassion kids, and while I understand that the reality is I probably won't, I would jump for joy to meet Sheena.

Will you join me in prayer for God's will on going, and when?
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