Monday, January 30, 2012


Monday is usually Mail Call. I post my mail from the week before, and though I was a bit sad I didn't receive any mail last week or the week before, I was quite pleased to see three envelopes from Compassion in the mail today! But that will wait until next Monday.

Today's big news was my sister's offer on a house was accepted. We have a close date of April 2nd. This is exciting as the new house has more room, a big backyard and an extra bedroom.

So now my mind is starting to think packing and moving. Or as of yet, sorting. Something I don't often do, but do enjoy as I have many, sometimes almost random things, saved to remind me of places and people. One of my favorites is the little bits of sand I have from the countries I've visited: South Africa, Peru and Mexico.

One of the places I probably have the most trinkets and souviners frm is Peru. I spent two months of the 2004 summer there, and have a great love for the Peruvians. I have realized that over the years I've continued to save my things, but have put them away for safe keeping.

I decided I'd really like to share some of my special things, with some special! Plus I've won a couple of different giveaways lately and firmly believe in giving back :)

So stay tuned for some uniquic Peruvian giveaways.
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