Thursday, January 5, 2012

Job Update

So my posting has gotten a little back to normal, but still a little more sporadic and there have been a few days I've just gotten busy and wasn't able to post.

But I did want to share a bit more of an update, and share a little more about what God is teaching me with this year's word faith.

So as of my last job update, God had provided me the full time position as the housekeeper at an assisted living facility. And while I was very excited to be back, part of my was almost disappointed that I was going to be just the housekeeper again.

But as I began my new job, I found little places to take joy in. And realized again, that I'm not just an old housekeeper, but I really am making a difference in these people's lives. Some of whom don't participate much in activities or social events.

And the my boss approached me with the day shift caregiver/CNA position. Kick was, I've had the training, but never got licensed. So now I have to retake the class and go through the certification testing.

The upside is, the company I work for offers the class for free for those who are or will be working for one of the company's 3 facilities in town. It's offered over at the nursing home, during the week. This would mean as I would either not be working, or doing all the housekeeping rooms after the class and work on them until I finished, which would make for some really long days!

I was super excited for this open door, but honestly not thrilled about the potentially long few weeks. But then when my boss called to enroll another girl and I there was a twist. The person teaching the class has to work on the floor during the week, so the class this month will be on the weekends!!

I'm astonished by how God has worked this out. I will miss the last two Fridays of the month from work, but my schedule will otherwise be the same. This is far beyond anything I could have imagined, in respects to working out details for my new job.

As of Wednesday I've started my new position, and new hours. So now I'm at work by 6am, and I i thought this would be a struggle for me, so it is all working out well. And I'm liking getting off earlier, as I get to spend more time with my nephews and sister.

Through faith I knew God would work out the details, and also give me strength to do what I needed to for the time being. And while I know that God does not always use faith to change situations, but sometimes uses faith for strength and endurance, I'm excited for what God is doing now!
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