Monday, January 2, 2012

Mail Call

Ok, so I just realized I never got this posted on Monday, so Mail Call Wednesday anyone? :)

Mail Call Button

This weeks I only heard from one of my Compassion International sponsored children. But it was a delight none the less.
This week's letter comes from the youngest member of my Compassion family. Four year old Arsang from Thailand.

This letter was written close in date to his previous letter, and it's such a joy to be hearing frrom this little guy more, as I feel I'm really starting to get to know him better.

In this letter he thanked me for the stickers and drawing pictures. He said he would put the drawings on the wall of his home and the stickers on his notebook. His tutor noted he rally liked the drawing picture. His tutor also noted he is a lively child wherever he is, at home, at school and at the project. I hope when his photo updates this next year I get a glimpse of this young man's liveliness!

His tutor also said he loves his younger sister very much and always looks after her. I was ecited to learn his other sibling was a sister. this was new news for me. I will have to ask more about his little sister.

This week I also recieved a 'Step into Your Child's World' newsletter for Shoa. It has many lovely photos, along with community information, local sayings, and even a recipe of a local dish I may have to try. I did scan the newsletter, but because of the format I saved it, it won't let me upload to share. I did email a copy to those who have sent financial donations towards Shoa, but if you would like to see a copy, I wouldn't mind emailing it to you. Either leave a comment with your email here or email me your email address at: kute(underscore)

And thanks Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies for use of her button!
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