Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Absence

I just want to leave a brief note, for anybody who regularly follows me, and let you know that the next few weeks will bring less posts, because as of Monday, I'm transitioning into a new job, but will be working out my 2 weeks plus at my previous job. So my time will be pretty limited. I'm excited to share a little more, later on with my fellow blogger friends. As I really do consider quite a few of you friends.

Monday I do plan to post my mail call, as I can work on that post over the weekend. And I was excited to share a 'Meet My Child' today, but after youth tonight, I don't have time to work on it, and I will be off to work early and gone all day. Stick with me, and I promise to make up for my absence. And if you think about it, I would appreciate any prayers as I work through this transition.
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