Friday, December 16, 2011

Job Transition

Well I told you more was coming about my job transition. I'll give you a little background first, as it will help some things make a bit more sense. I've been working my current job for about two and half years now, but with about a 3 week break about six months ago.

Previously in 2005 I started working at an assisted living facility for the elderly (my sister works there and has for a long time). I was working as the housekeeper, the only house keeper as it is a fairly small facility. But I filled in all sorts of positions during my time there, from cooking and maintenance, to assisting with care giving. I gain a quite a bit of experience while there. But because of the way the pay scale worked, and the minimum wage increase in Washington state (as of January first it will go from $8.67 to $9.04) I was still making minimum wage after two and half years. I had the opportunity to go through the fundamentals class, so I could work in the in-home setting as a caregiver. I also had a family friend who was needing care, and would be 40 hours a week. So I left Monroe House (the assisted living facility) really to further my career.

My in-home job last 6 months, and the family decided they needed to move grandma to a facility. So I was out of work. I did find another temporary client, but to make a long story short, she was crazy, and it didn't work out. I was told she had been through every available caregiver and social worker in the office, so I can kind of understand why it didn't work out.

Then after I was jobless, I found out my nephew's daycare center was hiring. I was so excited, even though it was only part time. I had always wanted a job like this, and it was in a Christian center, so I was very excited. I applied, and was hired. I had very few hours a week, but absolutely loved my job! And still do.

To help supplement my hours, I was referred to a family who had a parent in a facitlity, but she needed a little bit of extra care to remain in the assisted living facility, and not have to move to a nursing home. She was actually living at Monroe House. She had very limited vision, which made her a bit of a danger to herself, along with a weak body, but was fully with it, mentally. I was highered on by son, and was then placed in charge of scheduling so Rose would have a personal caregiver 24 hrs a day to assist at night or any time. I worked with Rose during the days, and at the daycare in the evening. I did the scheduling and worked everything out to do both.

My days were very long, 12 hours some days, but I loved my work, and Rose didn't require constant lifting or anything, which helped me out immensely. Then the family decided if she was going to constantly need 24hr care (it had been almost 1 year since I started and about 8 months for 24 hr care) it would be more cost effective to move her to an adult family home. The move was pretty hard on her, and I regrettably say she passed away less than a month after the move.  :(

So I was back to working the daycare with a few more hours since they knew I was available more. Then one of my friends I was previously working with, found us another private in-home job, that last about 3 months, but because of my overload with my previous two jobs, I decided to quit the daycare. It was a hard choice, but I had more hours, and better pay then my previous clients. Well if I would have know it would have been so short lived, I probably would have thought it through better.

So when my previous boss at the daycare heard I wasn't working, she offered me a job back, as the other two new girls were not working out so well. I was thrilled, but stuck with very few hours, which has brought me to where I am now.

This last month I have had my hours increased at the daycare, which has helped. Then my previous boss at Monroe House called me up and offered me the Housekeeping position back, as their housekeeper is having major health issues. Full time, benefits, and she was able to get me better than minimum wage. The kicker...I'm the housekeeper.

I'm exactly back where I left 3 years prior, almost exactly to date. I prayed about it, because I wasn't feeling so sure. But as I prayed I realized the biggest issue is my pride. I guess it's the pride of saying , "Oh yeah, I'm a housekeeper...AGAIN." Something in my mind was battling me. But I realized this was really where I should probably be. So I started Tuesday, and as I'm there cleaning bathrooms, it's almost a flashback. Of how I thought I was happy. But then I thought of all my Compassion kids. The ones I would not be able to continue to support with my dwindling paychecks. I realized that I was proud (not boastful) that I had this opportunity to be able to support my kids. And even though in the eyes of the world, it's not glamorous, or probably doesn't make a ton of sense, this is where I need to be.

So I've made full circle, and I know I will have to pray and keep my attitude in check, but I know God is teaching me some important things. I thought I would never go back, atleast not to housekeeping.

Here I am God....sometimes I think I'm a hopeless case when it comes to learning, but Lord, teach me!
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