Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Mail Call

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I was very excited Thursday night to come home and find a Compassion envelope waiting for me with a letter. Mail the last couple weeks has been almost non existent. This time of year though, it seems there is a bit of a slow down with the Christmas season, and all that brings, both here in the US and abroad.

This week I heard from two of my boys: 11 year old Erick in Bolivia and 4 year old Arsang from Thailand!!

The first thing to catch my attention on his letter, was his articulate drawing! So much detail, and I think he may have been trying to draw me, as the hair of the girl is much lighter than his previous drawings. His other drawings had super dark, or black hair. This little boy melts me heart with his letters.

Normally I wouldn't post a whole letter, but I love how he skips from subject to subject. Plus, he had a lot of little details I wanted to share.

"I greet you with peace of the Lord. You are a very happy and perfect sponsor, and I thank to God for having you. I want to tell you that my school will be demolished and next year 2012 will be bigger and nicer. My dog Ringo is very old and it seems that he is going to die because he is 13 or 14. I am scared of it. I got good grades at school. My brother's birthday is close, in next November 6. I have 2 best friends their names are Renan and Jhonatan. I have a lot of fun playing with them. I say good bye with a lot of love and affection. Your Kid, Erick"

My heart broke when he told me about his dog, and how he's scared he's going to die. I remember as a kid how heartbreaking that is to try and contemplate. Not that is get's easier. I'm glad he's going to be getting a new nicer school next year too. And my heart melted at the beginning when he tells me I'm the perfect sponsor, then ends his letter as "Your Kid." I absolutely love my bubbly Bolivian Boy :)

Arsang is my youngest kiddo, he is actually slightly younger than my oldest nephew Jonathan by about a month. This is my 5th letter in a little better than a year.  And when I looked at the date of this letter and his last, they were both written in August. One at the beginning that I got about a month ago, then at the end of the month that I received this week.

The same project worker has helped him with the last 3 letters, and I wonder if their is relation, because they have the same last name. Will have to ask him.

He thanked me for his birthday gift (his birthday was in July) and told me he got some clothes. It was very generic so I may ask him about that too. He asks if we have a national Mother's day, and goes on to tell me about how the celebrated at their project. He told me he gave jasmines to hi mother with respect! He asks prayer for him and his family's health. And tells me they pray for me and my health.

He draws very well for a 4 year old! The stationary is the same as usual and not a template. I believe he is a child that would benefit from a template letter especially since he is so young, I think it would be easier for him to tell me more about himself. More to come with the new letter writing guidelines rolling out in the coming year.

*Button compliments of Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies.

**I will announce the winners of the correspondent kits later, as I'm enlisting the assistance of my 2 charming nephews. Stay tuned!
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