Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mail Call-Jonathan Edition

On Saturday my nephew also received a letter from his 'Sponsor Friend' John in the Philippines. He was so very excited when he got in the car after visiting at Grandma's.

Jonathan sponsor's 5 year old John from the Philippines, with help from his mom. He has been sponsoring him since late spring, shortly before their birthday's in June. I guess you could say it was a dual gift. And this would be letter 4 I believe. John's mom assists him with his letter writing, though John did write a short message on his last letter.

Jackie Lou, John's mom always thanks Jonathan for being such a good friend to her son. She said that John Ryan (as his little brother's name is John Ian) really liked the stickers he send because of it's colorful colors. :) She also mentioned his favorite food is fried chicken. She tells Jonathan that at the center John learns Bible stories like Moses and the 10 commandments and at school he continues to study and that he likes art. She asks what Jonathan learns at school and if he has many friends.

She tells him they always pray for him! And asks continued prayers for John and his family. And John drew a cute picture at the top of his paper!

Jonathan was very excited! And I can only begin to imagine John's mutual excitement on letter day at his project. After watching the Missions in Action videos, we talked about John's family and his house. Jonathan became worried when he saw all the flooding in the first video, as John had mentioned flooding in a letter he sent. We talked about a family gift, and how Jonathan could do some extra chores around the house to earn money to send to John for a family gift. Jonathan was given a challenge. That both Mommy and Aunty would double whatever money he raises for John's family gift. But he had to work to raise the money. But was also allowed to use any money he gets for Christmas, if he decides to.

It's only been about 2 weeks, but he has about $2.75 and he's excited...most of the time. He is 4 years old, and just starting to grasp the idea of how money really works. But with his money being tripled, he's practically got over $8.

How can your family bring hope to a child living in poverty.
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